Hexagon is the global leader in wind turbine driveline, bearings and gearbox design for the renewables industry.

MSC solutions drive better upfront in decision making, allowing for improved efficiency, product quality and ultimately productivity. This allows wind energy companies around the world to optimize and innovate for reliability, quality, performance and cost .

Wind Energy

Wind Energy is Clean, Sustainable and Cost Effective

CAE technologies has been leading the way in developing the new-generation wind turbine.

MSC solutions for the Wind Energy industry include
  • Accurate aero-dynamic loads calculation
  • Full wind turbine system simulations including effects of controls
  • Rotor blade modeling
  • Gear box, bearing and full power train analysis
  • Fatigue predictions
  • Control systems
  • Structural analysis for towers, nacelle, hub, foundation and other elements
  • Off-shore structures, groundings and floating systems

Solar Energy

The usage of the solar powered systems has been increased gradually in both industrial and the other commercial areas.

Integration of the solar power sources to the system needs a special care

MSC’s thermal simulation solutions enable you to model thermal responses including all the modes of heat transfer, namely conduction, convection and radiation. Radiation view factors, critical for radiated energy flow calculations can be computed internally or imported from third party vendors providing options to our users. Additionally, both material properties and boundary conditions could be varied based on local temperatures, and can be modeled accurately and elegantly within MSC’s products.

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