Architecture Engineering Construction

Architectural, Electrical, Construction, mechanical, Plumbing, Fire protection & HVAC segments have engineering design as well as drafting & Modeling.

We have dedicated softwares for 2D CAD drawings like GstarCAD ,INTERsoft INTELLICAD & Arcadia BIM.

CAE tools:

We have dedicated Simulation softwares for FEA & CFD Analysis for AEC Segment.

CFD analysis plays a vital role in the sector of Architecture, Engineering and Construction, commonly known as AEC. CFD simulations provides the architects and engineers a wide perspective to evaluate the heat ventilation and air conditioning performance, thermal behavior and dispersion, contaminant dispersion, Fire and smoke dynamics and risk mitigation from the days of design process.

CFD simulation helps HVAC design with proper air flow, quality, ACPH and comfort  to provide highly energy-efficient ventilation system. This reduces the consumption of energy and paves the path for green building.

MSC Product: –

CFD Cradle -scSTREAM

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