Specialized forming simulation software for virtual testing and process design for  component optimization

all standard forming processes can be set up and evaluated:

  • Cold Forming
  • Hot Forging
  • Sheet Metal Forming
  • Rolling
  • Ring Rolling
  • Open Die Forging
  • Heat Treatment
  • Mechanical Joining
  • Pressure Welding


It is used to model and optimize a variety of thermal joining processes, taking into account the welding sequence and fixture.

Simufact Welding helps simulate complex welding processes that may involve multiple welding sequences and predicts distortions of the components, while considering phase transformations occurring during the process. With Simufact Welding, users gain insight into the properties of the weld seam, and welding defects such as hot cracks, helping them to address problems prior to putting the process into use.

By coupling Simufact Welding with Simufact Forming, users can simulate a combination of various process chains with upstream and downstream welding processes. Easy data transfer allows not only consideration of the forming history, but also strength analysis of simulated welded seams.

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Additive for Metal working

Simufact Additive is a software solution designed to predict and compensate for distortion, residual stress and temperature distribution throughout the printing, heat treatment, cutting, hot isostatic pressing (HIP) as well as machining processes virtually before the part is manufactured by the 3D metal printer in reality.

  • Simufact Welding predicts distortions and residual stresses by virtually try-outs and helps the user to determine appropriate strategies to minimise them. It is the only simulation software which automatically considers the complex contact situation between the components, which in turn allows conclusions about the properties of the weld seam, in particular its strength, to be drawn.
  • Simufact Welding achieves this by calculating the microstructural properties within the heat-affected zone, which also gives the user a valuable insight into identifying welding defects, such as hot cracks in the simulation, and how to avoid them in practice.
  • Simufact Welding assists in finding the optimal clamping devices based on the implementation of real tool geometries, while considering clamping forces and stiffness.
  • The software predicts the final contour of the assembly and helps to achieve serial production with minimum tolerances.
  • A new visualization concept ensures that the entire welding process, with all its process steps, can be reviewed immediately, influencing factors can be visualized and different variants are comparable at a single glance.

Further welding processes can be simulated with Simufact Welding such as resistance spot welding (RSW), direct energy deposition (DED) as well as dedicated modules for stress relief heat treatment and cooling and clamping processes for the investigation of further subsequent Processes after the actual welding process

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