E-Mobility Solutions

Romax Concept allows seamless collaboration across CAD, Multibody Dynamics (MBD) and CAE to reduce errors and time to market.

Designs can easily be taken from Romax Concept and converted into CAD models and drawings, optimised multibody dynamic models and used in any other Romax product for more detailed analysis.

No need to re-enter data at every stage of the design process, reducing potential for error and saving time.

Concept Design A rapid drivetrain design tool

Durability & Structural Analysis

Durability Analysis

  • DIN, ISO and AGMA rating
  • Gear safety factors
  • Bearing life
  • Shaft fatigue
  • Splines
  • Synchroniser sizing
  • Duty cycles generation from measured data
  • Effect of manufacturing tolerances

Component and system-level structural analysis

  • Fast, parallelised static analysis of full driveline
  • World-class gear and bearing contact models
  • Flexible FE bearings & gear blanks
  • Gear root stress analysis
  • Batch running and parametric study
  • Electric machine unbalanced magnetic pull

NVH & Dynamic Analysis 

Romax Spectrum provides the complete, validated solution for electro-mechanical powertrain NVH simulation.

Romax Spectrum offers complete, parametric whole-system modelling of the powertrain, incorporating world-class gear and bearing contact models to give the accuracy you need for sensitive NVH simulation.

  • Validated analysis to predict dynamic gear excitations
  • New noise environment with reduced masking requires careful NVH design
  • New powertrain layouts with unknown NVH issues requires a CAE-led approach to NVH
  • New lightweight, stiff chassis designs make structure-borne noise more important
  • High rotation speeds leads to higher frequency noise requiring accurate modelling and fast solutions

Dedicated Model Building

  • Parameterised model build for rapid structural modelling
  • Comprehensive bearing catalogues
  • Create, import and condense FE housing components
  • Import/export geometry with leading CAD tools
  • Import motor efficiency map
  • Interfaces to electromagnetic FE software packages for electrical machine geometry and excitation import
  • Fast static analysis of electrical machine housing and shaft deflections
  • Evaluate bearings for durability
  • Evaluate motor efficiency and energy consumption considering bearing, seal and electromagnetic loss mechanisms
  • Calculate rotor-dynamic behaviour of rotor shaft system
  • Capture the effects of UMP on static and dynamic behaviour
  • NVH analysis of electrical machine including electro-mechanical excitation sources and rotor mechanical imbalance
  • Embedded acoustic solver brings complex simulation of radiated noise to the non-expert

Efficiency & Thermal Analysis

  • Romax Energy offers comprehensive power loss prediction models for calculation of both load-dependent and load-independent losses.
  • Conduct advanced efficiency analysis using industry-leading proprietary loss models that account for detailed bearing, gear and lubricant parameters
  • Create system efficiency maps and calculate energy losses, equivalent fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for drive cycles as well as duty cycles
  • Modify fuel properties for accurate calculation of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Analyse losses at a component level with speed/torque sweep maps and reports to find the most lossy components and redesign the system to optimise for efficiency

Bearing Design & Analysis

  • Rapidly deliver perfect bearing arrangement & accurate results for the application.
  • Fast parametric modelling of the system and the bearing internal geometry for easy design space exploration
  • Flexible model fidelity from single bearing to complex systems with flexible bearing rings and other structures
  • Enhanced bearing contact analysis featuring a coupled strip model accurately capturing roller edge stresses, end effects, material yield, rib contact, and truncation
  • Time domain bearing skidding analysis capability

Electric Machine & Design Analysis

Application specific tools for Structural & NVH Analysis.

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